Cookies go live EVERY Thursday at 6:30 PM CST!

We now ship NATIONWIDE! Cookies are shipped through priority mail and take 1-2 business days once shipped. 


We do not offer refunds/returns.

If you wish to cancel your order it must be within 24 hours of the order placed. 

Once the order has shipped we are not responsible for any damages, delays or lost packages. It is the customers responsibility to enter the correct shipping address when an order is placed.

Local Customers: Pick ups are on Fridays from 3-6 PM at 1531 Frederica Street. 

Storage: Cookies can be stored at room temp for two weeks, in the fridge for three weeks, and in the freezer for six months. 

For frozen cookies, set them out on the counter a couple hours before you wish to consume them!!

We recommend warming cookies up for 10-20 seconds in the microwave if you want a warm, gooey cookie.