Meet The Mixer

Hi! Molly here... I am the owner and founder of Molly’s Mixins. More importantly, the Main Mixer. Most of the time I feel like an average girl with a not-so-average love for sugar. Although this baking journey has been short and sweet so far... I have always had a thing for sugary goodness. I remember coming home from school in my elementary days hoping and praying there would be a bag of chocolate chip cookies ready for me to mix up and bake!

Back in 2019 I graduated with my degree in dietetics and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in August of 2020. Yep, I know.. a dietitian who also bakes the least-bit-healthy goodies?! That’s me! Balance is a huge rule of mine.. life is short, eat the cake! ..or the cookies.. whichever you prefer. 

I am a lover of all things food, but my baking journey started when I was about 20 years old. To celebrate birthdays and holidays in my family, I was (and still am) always in charge of dessert! It wasn’t until the worldwide pandemic started that I offered up my skills in the form of a cookie. With lots of practice I finally got my recipe down and could experiment with a variety of mix-ins. Thus started, Molly’s Mixins. I have been covered in flour and sugar ever since! 

Life is kind of crazy.. I always felt like I didn’t have much to offer until I started baking. Now I get to share my gift with the most incredible people! If you are here reading my story, please know how much I appreciate you! The world is my mixing bowl and I am on a journey to make it a little bit sweeter than I found it. I hope you stick around for all that’s to come 🍪❤️